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5 essential Ingredients for your Journey

In October of 2022, more than 50 people from 14 countries across the globe came together for the first time, to begin “The Finding Home Journey”.

Now is the right time to invite a select group of new members. So we are hosting our first “Taste & See” Conference just for friends & family of our Founding Members. For a Taste of FHJ to see if this is a journey.

It has been a uniquely rewarding time we’ve had as we have grown and grown together.

During this time we discovered there are 5 ingredients that are essential for our own unique journey towards an authentic expression of our identities. During the conference you will be able to experience each of these for yourself, make some progress & also experience something of what we now have together.

As we are increasingly understanding & engaging with these ingredients, we are seeing the growth and the fulfilment in life that we all long for.

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Awareness of the Journey

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The stage of the Journey

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Heart Awareness

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God Awareness

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A supportive community

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The Finding Home Journey Membership

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“To this day we are aware of the universal agony and groaning of creation……

And it’s not just creation!

We… also inwardly groan as
We passionately long to experience
Our full status
As God’s sons and daughters”

– Romans 8:22&23


With Mark Head

We are a group of people who hearts have been impacted by a revelation of the Father’s Love. Together we Going from – Feeling disorientated, misunderstood and asking – What the heck has happened to me & – Where the heck do I go To – Understanding our own hearts – Finding our own unique pathway forward & – Connecting meaningfully with others on their journeys