The Place prepared for you.

Finding Home

With Mark Head

I help those whose lives have experienced the heart of the Father – Whose hearts cry:“How do I authentically live this out in the context of my own life – without all the usual effort driven striving?”
Who can often feel misunderstood & even disconnected from the faith they once knew
I help them grow into the authentic expression of who they truly are, so they know for themselves what it is to fly
All while being supported & celebrated in a community that shares the struggle, understands the process & wont try to fix them

The ideal and the real

The Process of Flying

Many of us have experienced a Christianity that has left us with a burden that has consistently let us know that there is a standard we have to live up to and a responsibility that we bear.
In practice much of our effort in one way or another has actually been given to the pursuit of that goal – meeting some sort of standard of commitment, service or behaviour etc.
The reality is, despite our efforts that we have all found the standard is too high for anyone to consistently meet.
It is frustrating disheartening and energy consuming.
It’s often too hard to face the fact that despite all our efforts we struggle.
So there are only 3 real options in response to trying to meet a standard that we cannot meet.
– Live with a sense of failure.
– Leave it behind.
– Pretend that everything is okay.

But the real message of the gospel isn’t there is a standard we have to meet up to.
The real message is that the standard has already been met.
Christ has met the standard for each of us.
Because Christ has met the standard – therefore the standard has actually been taken away!!

Isn’t that wonderful. It’s gone!

If it is true that the standard is met and is therefore taken away for us.
– Then what now?

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If we don’t have to spend all our effort trying to be something that we are not, what are we now to do?

The ‘what now’ is each of us growing in awareness and acceptance of our uniqueness as the children of God that we already are.
To be free to live out our own unique expression and purpose on the face on the earth.

In fact there isn’t a standard to meet instead there is a process to embrace.
This life giving process is Spirit lead and it is not effort driven.
We can now receive, respond, embrace and become.

Step by step we get to realise and become the children of God that we really are. Then uniquely live out the life that is given to us – whatever that is, wherever that is and whoever that is with.
Iraneus wrote – “The Glory of God is man fully alive”!!!
We want to find out what it means for each of us to be fully alive.

Here at Finding Home – we are all about this process!
We recognise we all live on the earth – yet we all live with this sense that we were created to fly!


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The ideal and the real

Practically and pragmatically bringing understanding to the space and tension between the ideals we aspire to and the realities we struggle with in our daily lives. We know the struggle is real and we all struggle with the struggle.

Real growth

Real growth comes not from doing more but from receiving more – then responding to what we have received.

Receive, respond, embrace and become.

A Curated Soaking album

Finding home – the album is a curated soaking album that will help you stay focused and stop your mind wandering to the mundane, when you really want to be bathing in His presence It was created to help you experience what is already yours. – The rooms in your Fathers house.

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About Mark

Marks unique gifting, insightful perspective and calling allows him to draw out of each person, the life that is within them. His life has been typified by regular encounters with the heart of God that have changed shaped and grown him. He has learned that nothing can stop the purposes of God for each of our lives except our own hearts reactions and responses to life challenges and successes. He’s discovered that our hearts can now meet the Fathers specific love for each of our specific needs not only for healing but also for our growth.
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Again and again he has experienced that as we meet with God in each of our reactions and responses that He loves and accepts us where we are – He just loves us too much to leave us there.
HE welcomes you into every place he has prepared for you. Many can testify that authentic and enduring growth occurs as a result of this process Mark has many years of experience leading in local church, international Ministries and in business. He was in the senior leadership of Fatherheart Ministries for more than a decade and was the International Director till late 2021. He has spoken throughout the world including the continents of Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania including guest appearances on television and radio shows The first love he discovered in life was surfing. But his truest love is Nikki who he married in 1984. They believe they have the best children in the world who both joined the family in the new millennium and now are attending university Mark is continually learning and brings his own unique expression of Sonship through humour, his love of family, his love of people, adventure sports, exploring the earth and even dancing.
The greatest desire of his heart is that your heart would increasingly meet Gods heart for you. That you would be able to engage in your own cycle of growth so that the rest of us can celebrate as we see the real you emerge and then what it really means to see you fly.

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