The Finding Home Journey

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What’s included?

Focus on you and your personal journey

You are the hero in this story – Not growing in our organisational structure

A culture of connection
Live zoom meetings
24 hour access

24 hour access to all Teaching Modules and Live Recordings – Modules include – Metamorphosis Road Map, Heart Series, God Awareness Series, Joseph Series

English subtitles

English subtitles for all videos to aid visual learning

Everything is Downloadable

Everything is Downloadable on audio and listen offline anytime

Soaking Album

Free access to the “Finding Home” Soaking Album


As we find HIs acceptance we can extend what we have found to others 😊❤️

A thriving community

A thriving community that supports you in your challenges and celebrates your success

No fixing policy

We wont try to fix you and you dont have the responsibility to try fix others

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This group isn’t for everyone

– If you want to clearly understand the dynamics that are shaping & leading your heart each day

– If you long to find your own unique pathway to living your authentic identity in Sonship 

– If you want to be part of a group of people that can understand, support & encourage you 
– If you are prepared for some growing pain..

Then you can join this membership by clicking the link below :

The Finding Home Journey

A bridge to living the revelation of the Father’s love in Your everyday life

Since receiving a revelation of the Father’s love
Have you ever felt like you were in a stuck with no clear way to integrate what you have received with the rest of your  life 

You’re probably asking: 
– What the has happened? 
– Where do I go from here?

Are you frustrated with the lack of answers or real progress in finding a realistic solution? 
You could be be wondering where do I go from here – But you’re unsure of the first real steps to take!
Especially when you’ve learned that trying harder doesn’t actually work!

There are truly wonderful things that you have received or experienced  but there are also other areas of your life where you can  actually feel quite stuck – and you haven’t yet found a way past that stuck you feel.

Perhaps there have been times when you’ve felt misunderstood and even isolated and you haven’t yet found a community that understands you and can support you.

there is hope for you

We have found a way to understand what’s been going on in our hearts.
A grid of understanding using the heart language of metaphor that will help you to see not only a way forward – but to find your way forward.

There are others here on the journey too – that just somehow understand. There is support & encouragement.  
Where  you don’t have to be ‘fixed’
There’s also room for fun & time to  laugh.

Why is this important for you

  • You don’t need to be stuck, frustrated or disconnected with no clear way forward anymore
  • Each of us can now incrementally grow towards an authentic expression of your unique identity as a child of God – This really is possible!
  • You can discover the deeper purpose and meaning for your life
Who am I and why Begin The Finding home Journey?

Who am I and why Begin The Finding home Journey?

I first encountered the love of the Father nearly 30 years ago. It was one of the most significant moments of my life – I started ministering form what I had recieved soon after. 

In the last a decade I travelled the world speaking at churches, conferences, on radio and TV and leading many conferences & schools. Previously I spent several years as a pastor & in healing ministries. 

The natural emphasis of my life’s work has been a pragmatic one that has always led me to this question. That might sound amazing – but how does it actually work in real life?

I have come to find that as we have the courage to ask the so called ‘dumb questions’ that there a deeper truth to be found. A truth hidden just below the surface that can significantly untangle part of life’s mysteries.

As a result of this approach I have helped literally hundreds of people  find and embrace the practical realities of the Father’s love for their own lives.

The need for a bridge

In 2018 I saw that there was a need for a bridge between our everyday life and the encounters & revelation we experience when we are together in a conference or school.

Where do we go from that mountain top experience?
How does it all translate into our daily life?
How do you find support & help to work through this disconnect?

As an initial step I was led to create the one week ‘H’ school to address these very needs. We held several well attended schools around the world and the results were amazing. Then during the world wide Covid restrictions we found out that anointing also can touch people as we minister over the internet. This led me to explore online memberships to make this type of ministry affordable & more readily available to everyone.

In early 2022 another significant breakthrough of understanding came. The Father opened my eyes to a  pattern in nature that accurately portrays how the Holy Spirit transforms our heart through love. It made sense of the liberating yet challenging journey we go on that at times is just plain hard. 

This understanding is called The “Metamorphosis Map of the Heart”.
This Heart Map will clearly demonstrate to you the path your heart is on. It is
central to our understanding – here in the Finding Home Journey membership.

The Metamorphosis Map

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

Our founding members found it reassuring once they saw the process with their own eyes. 
Like them, once you see it, you’ll understand where your heart is in that process now.
This understanding, that has brought relief to so many already, will allow you to focus on then embrace all that the Father has for you in the moment, instead of wondering what it is you’re doing wrong – like so many of us doThere are others here that are on their journeys too. We are able to support and encourage each other along the way.

All this is included in the Finding Home Journey – your online membership for those invited during Mark’s USA/Canada trip In October 2023.


The Place Prepared for You

What is the Finding Home Journey?

What’s included?

This fresh approach is to make teaching and community affordable & available every day of the week. It can be part of your day and then become part of your life

3 different formats to suit your needs:

  • Video – with English subtitles
  • Audio – Download audio files to your device & listen anytime
  • Full Transcripts
A Focus truly understanding your unique journey

The focus is on you and your journey to finding home and living in Sonship

God designed you and made you and is able to bring you into a lifestyle that reflects His design

An Understanding & Supportive Community

Our community focus is to encourage and support each other on our journeys

Get together Live on Zoom

Teaching, interviews + Im open to suggestions

Live Discussion & Live Ministry

A time to answer the questions specific to you 

Bite sized teaching for easy digestion

Most teaching and content is short – with a focus not on knowing everything about everything but on what helps you right now 

Amazing search bar function

I know I sound a bit geeky but this amazing function will really help you easily find what you’re looking for. It allows you to search a word like ‘identity’ and every mention in every video and where it is will be brought up for you to quickly view.

Personal Coaching Option

There are an amazing array of ingredients available for you to grow in the Finding Home membership.To enhance your experience to an even deeper level a limited number of appointments for personal coaching are available for members at US$100.
To arrange a time please email Nikki 

Monthly membership amount
FOr USA & Canada members

Finance is always a matter of the heart.
This is your opportunity to invest in Heart Connected Spiritual Growth 

We have tried to keep the fee as low as possible to make it easy for  you to come on board so you can see the value for yourself.

Thank you to all of you that have offered to support us during this season – included is an option to add an ongoing donation to support both us and the vision of Finding Home if that is on your heart.

This needs to be the right fit for you and you need to be the right fit for us!  To ensure that, you are free to try out the Finding Home Journey for 14 days and if you are not happy, we will give you a full refund, no worries at all.

This Friends & Family special is available for this week 

This Friends & Family rate of US $29 is ONLY available on the specific days indicated at your live event –  or until all places are filled – whichever comes first.

Special Bonus Also included is the bonus of soaking  album
‘A Place Prepared for You’ .

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